How can I get the most out of my Initial Consultation?

  • The events which lead you to consult with an attorney are often stressful or even overwhelming.  We understand that, especially right now, your time is very precious, and you would prefer to spend as little of it as possible in consultation with your new Hot Springs Attorney.   In preparation for your Initial Consultation, write out a list of questions. Even if you think the questions are too simple; write them out. Write out a sequence of events that pertain to your legal issue including: dates, places, asset and debt information. Write down the names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, employment information of other people involved in the case.
  • If you’ve done research into your legal issue, bring it. Bring any documents pertaining to your issue. This could also include letters, court documents, pictures, video, paper documents. Make copies of ALL documents including your list of questions, written sequence of events and research. Bring both the originals and the copies to your Initial Consultation.
  • Remember, we are here to listen to your side and offer the best advice possible.  Providing us with this information will help us understand your situation and give you that advice.  The more work that you do to be prepared the more informed information we can give you regarding your case.  Pay close attention to the questions we ask you and offer complete and honest answers.  If you are not sure if a piece of information is relevant, ask us.  The earlier we know all the facts in the case, the more time and money we will save you.

Why is my case taking so long?

  • There are many factors and many parties that influence how your case proceeds. We can only control what we do. We cannot control the other parties, their counsel, or the Courts. We want to resolve this situation as rapidly as possible, but circumstances that we have no control over will impact our ability to achieve that goal.
  • Depending on your legal issues, many situations can complicate the issue.

For example in a divorce, factors influencing the process of your case may include:

    1. Custody and Visitation
    2. Child Support
    3. Spousal Support
    4. Property Division and Characterization
    5. Domestic Violence
    6. Restraining Orders

Delays may also include:

    1. Discovery (getting) formal information from the other side
    2. The Court’s calendar
    3. If Custody is contested and needs to be pursued through an assessment or Custody Evaluation.
    4. Numerous ‘Motions’ necessary to be filed on your behalf because opposing party and/or opposing attorney refuses to cooperate.

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